There are several ways to get the reduction depending on how much of a hurry you are in. 1. If using Paypal the fastest way is to go directly to Paypal and check out paying the total shown for your cart. I will then issue a Paypal refund for the excess shipping. Make one Paypal payment for the whole cart. Speed depends on how fast Paypal notifies me. It is usually immediately but not always. 2. If you want a firm shipping quote before you buy, email me with the numbers of the items you want to buy and I will send you a total. Make sure your email spam filter is open to allow my response to get through. 3. I will give you a refund on shipping whether you ask for it or not as long as all the items are going to the same address at the same time and one payment is made. Some examples of combined shipping: Add a fashion scarf to a handbag and I will refund the cost of shipping the scarf. With most handbags you can add jewelry, scarves and hankies and get refunds on all the items except the handbag.
Please be considerate if you have not received your package and it was purchased right before a holiday or in winter. If I am snowed in or know your package will be slow in arriving, I will email you. However those emails sometimes get weeded out as spam. Please email me if you are concerned. Things like that happen about once a year. Generally I mail Monday to Friday from Canada. That is most packages. There is no mail pickup between 4pm Friday and 4pm Monday so if you purchase on Friday night or the weekend, there is no mailing until Monday. I mail at least once a month from the USA for US bound packages. For heavy items, items I don't trust going through customs, and breakables you may request US shipping if you are willing to wait. Please note that during December I schedule my last mail day before Christmas as the last day Priority Mail can be expected to deliver your gifts in time for the holiday. This is for the US only. Canada should order at least 2 weeks in advance and international at least 3 weeks. I do not make special trips to the post office for a single package so if speed is of the essence, email me before buying. I can arrange for courier service if you are willing to pay for it. There is not overnight service from either Canada or the US post office I use. Minimum is 2 days from the US via express mail. Both my US and Canadian post offices are closed on Saturdays.
Canada is a problem. Shipping within the country is costly as Canada has a minimum package rate for anything up to a kilo in weight. If you don't require insurance, I will mail small flat items like hankies, scarves and small linens in envelopes as letter mail. For purchases that must be sent as a package, posted shipping is quoted as Vancouver to Montreal. If you live in the west, I will adjust shipping downward after purchase. Canadian rates are also dependent on the dimensions of the box. Any time I am over by more than $1, I issue a refund of the difference. Package rates kick in for packages thicker than 3/4 inch no matter the weight.
Yes I do. If your country is not listed, send me an email to see if I will ship to your country. Some places I do not ship are Mexico, South America, Africa, North Korea and any country involved in civil unrest. I do not ship leather items to Italy. If your country is not listed, look for your neighboring country. All European countries have the same rates as United Kingdom. All Asian countries have the same rates as Japan. Other US territories have the same rates as Puerto Rico. Delivery times are approximately 5-7 days by air and 4-6 weeks by boat. This does not include holiday periods when air can take 2-3 weeks. Shipping quoted is for airmail. If you are not in a hurry to receive the package, surface mail can save you about 40% but it is slow. Insurance is included for valuable items and anything breakable. Tracking and signature required can be arranged but it is very expensive. VAT and customs duties are the responsibility of the buyer at the time of receipt. They are not included in the price of the item or shipping fee.
Canada Post is used for Canadian and international mail and lightweight mail to the USA. To the US allow 1 week to most places. New York City, Los Angeles and other major cities are often less but not guaranteed. To Europe major cities take a week, smaller cities may take extra days. Australia and New Zealand are about 2 weeks. Japan, Hong Kong is 2-3 weeks. Mainland China, and other Asian countries can be considerably longer.
The shipping charge you see listed is based on the following: Actual shipping/postage fees Delivery confirmation--if mailed from USA. Insurance on breakables and valuable items. You can request it however on any package. Email me before purchase. Padded envelopes, bubble wrap, boxes, packing peanuts etc if used. I round up to the next dollar. I charge a small token amount for handling as described above. I don't charge for the time it takes to prepare your package or drive it to the post office. The fees listed above are what you get charged. I do not charge a restocking fee in case you have to return an item. However if you are an abusive buyer all terms go out the window. In other words I will do to you as you do to me.
I will accept returns under certain circumstances. 1. I send you the wrong item. Return the package to me and I will refund all money or send the correct item at no additional expense to you. 2. The item is not as described. This is not likely to happen as I take great pains to describe fully and accurately but if I do miss something glaring, contact me within 3 days of receipt describing the problem, and return in original packaging for a refund. If it is a genuine problem I will refund shipping. If it is an excuse to return the item, I won't. 3. You hate it. Your mate hates it. The dog runs from it. I'll take it back if you return it immediately but I won't refund any shipping and may deduct a restocking fee from your refund. 4. You changed your mind but threw out the packaging and packing slip. That's what I call buyer's remorse coming too late. For any return, if you are in the US, contact me for a special return address. All other countries use the return address on the package. FOR ALL RETURNS, notify me that you are returning your purchase and let me know when you mailed it. Not doing so will delay your refund.
Everyone has their own definition for these terms and most definitions are a bit fuzzy. Antique is generally considered to be over 100 years old but few people consider an item of 95 years to be merely vintage. I tend to consider antique as before WWII. Vintage is at least 1 to 2 generations old but the tail end is rather less clear. I consider it as from World War II until about 1990. Previously owned does not mean an item is old or even used. It means someone else owned it and either sold it to me or donated it to a charity. I buy nothing wholesale or retail on sale. Many of my items have never been used even if they are antique. However, unless they still have the store tags, I list them as used. I am by no means an expert on age of the items I sell. I do some research, make my best guess, and pass it on to you. You are welcome to correct me or ask questions.
I have a large vocabulary so lots of words mean the same when it comes to condition. Let's start at the top with the best condtion keeping in mind that almost nothing I sell is factory fresh. Everything has been handled by at least 2 people. Me and the person who sold it to me. Here are terms I use from best down. 1. (mint, as new, like new, store fresh, superb, unused) 2. (excellent, nearly new, may be unused, carefully used) 3. (excellent vintage condition, very good, near fine) 4. (slight signs of handling, has lost some of its glow, still lots of life left, has age crazing, very faint stains, pin holes) Lower than this I don't go unless it is an unusual piece or offered for crafters and I will so indicate in the description.
eCrater technology is not set up to allow for optional insurance. This is how I handle it. 1. Pricy breakables, items with glass and listings of multiple breakables in one package have insurance included in the shipping price as does jewelry over $50.00. 2. If you are combining items and the merchandise value is over $25 or includes uninsured breakables, part of your shipping total will be applied to insurance. The insurance charged is exactly the amount I am charged by the insurer. 3. If you wish any special security such as special handling, express, courier, signature required, or registered mail, please request it prior to purchase. I will do everything possible to accommodate your requirements. 4. Insurance is included in the shipping fee not the cost of the item. That way if you buy more than one item, you only pay once for the insurance and packing supplies.
I have moved all souvenir items to a new store called View Finders. The url is www.ViewFinders.ecrater.com. There you will find all kinds of souvenir items including many scarves.